Changing the NFT game for merchants

Enough with NFTs being out of reach for retailers. We've made it possible to access the benefits of NFTs without the need to be a techie wunderkind.

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Innovate your consumer offering with NFTs

While third-party NFT marketplaces are booming, merchants are being left behind. Let's change that.

  • Drive new markets

    NFTs represent a new opportunity for you to release merchandise to consumers, with the option to release special collectible collections, yearly editions and more.

  • List NFTs on your own site

    You invest in driving traffic to your website. ARC means you can integrate with your existing systems, with no need to redirect customers to third party NFT marketplaces.

  • No technical barriers

    ARC has been designed to very simply guide you through the process of creating and releasing new NFTs. No jargon, no complicated processes, and no specialist tech experience needed.

Integrate with Shopify and Squarespace

Sell NFTs alongside your existing offering on Shopify and Squarespace. ARC allows you to integrate NFTs seamlessly.

How ARC makes it possible for merchants to enter the NFT game

  • 1

    Create your collections

    Use our templates to create collections of NFTs, limited edition series or exclusive one-offs to give your customers a new way to own your brand.

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    List your new NFTs

    With our platform, you can sell your NFTs on traditional stores as well as NFT marketplaces.

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    Manage your NFTs

    List your NFTs directly on your website thanks to Shopify and Squarespace integration and retain complete management over them.

    A screenshot of the ARC interface showing the options available to manage NFTs.
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    View your wallet

    Get an overview of all transactions as your customers purchase your NFTs, including info on the status of the purchase.

    A screenshot of the ARC interface showing the details for a specific NFT transaction.
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    Manage your revenue

    NFTs offer unrivaled potential as a new revenue stream. Track your NFT income with the intuitive ARC dashboard.

    A screenshot of the ARC interface showing overall revenue for a specific merchant.

Get onboard ARC

Let us introduce ARC. What is ARC, how does it work, and how are we changing the NFT game?

Meet the ARC team 👋

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Get in touch

Want to learn more about ARC? Or maybe you want to tell us about your amazing plans to leverage NFTs to take your company to the next level. We'll be more than happy to meet you!

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