Our Story

Access and Revenue Control (or "ARC" as we like to be known) is the brainchild of enterprise software engineers and experts. It aims to improve both the vendor and consumer experience of transacting NFTs. 

Today’s experience of buying and selling NFTs is overwhelming and confusing. Our mission is to make the process of selling NFTs easier, faster and less complicated.

Meet the team πŸ‘‹

We're excited to meet you and learn more about how we can support your business!

  • Rohit is shown looking into the camera. He is outside, wearing a black coat with a yellow sweater.

    With over 15 years of cloud engineering experience, before starting Augmentor, Rohit was the Director of Engineering at Alibaba, Sr. Mgr at Sears, and a Principal Engineer at 3M.Β 

    He has extensive experience in the retail domain and specializes in multi-billion product marketplaces!

  • Frank is shown looking into the photo and smiling. He is outside, wearing a red t-shirt.
    Frank Preve

    Frank has over a decade of experience in software and sales. He has previously worked as a key part of the sales team at Slack and Zuora, and co-founded Qualia's sales team. He's a whiz in keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in tech and finding ways to leverage these in helping find the right solutions for our partners.

  • Ben is shown looking into the camera and smiling, wearing black glasses.
    Ben Davies

    Ben has over a decade of experience in Marketing, Product and UX, having worked at start-ups across Europe including Babbel and what3words. He consults for entrepreneurs around the globe, helping to refine their product marketing strategies and find the right combination of words to make their users smile.

  • Skanda
    Skanda Bhat

    Skanda has been involved in Web3 since 2016 and is currently building a decentralized and chain-agnostic oracle called Razor network. He helps web3 projects launch, by early-stage angel investment, or tech advising, or both.

    His other projects include Ardana and Moonbeam.

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