ARC is making NFTs accessible for all Squarespace users

updated on 21 June 2022

Sell NFTs directly on your Squarespace site

Now with ARC, Squarespace users can sell NFTs directly on their own sites. This opens up a new world of possibilities for Squarespace-based users and retailers.

The Squarespace solution for NFT frustration

"It's time for Squarespace users to have a simple plug-in that lets them sell NFTs on their sites," said Frank Preve, CRO of ARC. The plug-in is currently in Beta, and available to select Squarespace merchants.

"Current NFT plug-ins for Squarespace are the source of frustration for many users. We want to simplify the process."

Making NFTs accessible

Co-founders Rohit Gandhe and Frank Preve saw how complicated it was to make and sell NFTs. That's why they developed ARC. The platform simplifies the process for retailers and shoppers, no technical expertise needed.

NFT merchants have so far been dependent on selling NFTs on third-party marketplaces. ARC gives them the power to list and sell NFTs directly on their own websites.

ARC also overhauls the complicated process of purchasing NFTs. Merchants using ARC can accept payment by card. And for any users without a wallet, ARC also creates a wallet, making the process seamless. That's how the ARC platform is designed to help NFT creators sell more NFTs.

ARC is to NFTs what Squarespace is to websites

"Squarespace made it easy for people who aren't programmers to build their own sites. Now, we want to do exactly that for NFTs, bring the power of NFTs to Squarespace."


About ARC

ARC was founded in 2021 by Rohit Gandhe and Frank Preve. It is a subsidiary of the Palo Alto-based Augmentor Labs: a blockchain-focused development services organization. ARC’s investors include Plug and Play.


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