Marketing Your NFT Art

published on 14 July 2022

There have been millions of NFT projects launched in the past two years.  Yet, the vast majority of them never sell a single token.  Those projects which have found success have done so by marketing themselves. That's why we want to share a couple of great ways here to help you market your NFTs.

Community with Telegram

The size of the community that follows you determines the success of your project.  The most common means of creating a community has been through Discord. NFT collectors subscribe to more than 50 Discord servers.

As a result, it's very difficult to keep an audience's attention on the platform.  Using Telegram for your community is a better way to keep an audience's attention.  There are many blockchain users on Telegram, but not as many NFT communities as on Discord.  That's why there's potentially an opportunity to build an NFT community that stands out more with Telegram!

Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces are where live audio conversations happen on social media.  They enable greater connection with an NFT creator and  . daily conversations with the members of your community will strengthen your following. 

We recommend launching a Twitter hangout daily that creates value for your user base.  If you want to check out a great example, take a look at the  NFT mastermind  Twitter Space.

Partnerships with Charities

Creating a partnership with a third-party charity is an excellent way to grow your NFT practice. More users will buy an NFT if it contributes to a cause, and equally, your NFT art can help charities amplify their message and raise awareness. Focus on partnering with foundations that have large social media followings, as this can help promote your NFT project while raising awareness of the cause.

Make it easy to purchase with ARC

Part of making an NFT practice successful is making it easy for people to buy your NFTs.  NFT marketplaces are difficult for people to sign up for and use.  ARC removes the complexity by creating a wallet for the end-user. 

Additionally, buyers are able to pay via credit card, making NFTs accessible for non-crypto invested or savvy customers. This happens from the project's own storefront which helps it stand out.

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