Sell NFTs alongside your existing offering on Shopify and Squarespace.

The ARC plug-in integrates seamlessly with your Shopify or Squarespace site, radically simplifying the process of creating, selling, and managing NFTs from your own site. No technical complexity, and no redirecting your traffic to third-party sites to buy NFTs.

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"Current NFT plug-ins for Shopify and Squarespace are a source of frustration for many users. We want to simplify the process." Frank, Co-founder of ARC

ARC in action on Shopify and Squarespace

Create, list and sell NFTs from your existing Shopify or Squarespace website.

Take your business to new levels

Whether you’re interested in NFTs as exclusive merchandise for your most loyal customers, or leveraging NFTs as tokenized assets to make access to exclusive events and communities possible, ARC is your partner in using NFTs to sustainably innovate your brand.

Be guided through the NFT process

From creating NFTs to keeping track of transactions, we’ve designed ARC with one guide: to make NFTs simple and accessible. Integrating NFTs into your consumer offering with ARC is just as easy as creating your Shopify or Squarespace Site.

Keep your traffic where it belongs

That means on your own site. ARC gives you the flexibility to sell NFTs directly alongside your existing consumer offering, eliminating the need to send your traffic to OpenSea or any other NFT marketplace (unless you so choose).

Make it simple for your customers

We know that it can be complicated and off-putting for consumers to buy NFTs. Just as we’re making it simpler for you to sell, we’re making it simple to purchase. We’ll set your customers up seamlessly with what they need to purchase your NFTs, whether it’s their first NFT or they’re an experienced NFT aficionado.

Tailored NFT solutions

  • For Enterprise

    The metaverse is changing the game – and so is ARC. Enter the NFT arena fast and independently with us.
  • For Photographers

    A new way to monetize your photograps while protecting your copyright.

Get ARC for your Shopify or Squarespace Site

Get in touch to let us know your big NFT plans – and our co-founder Frank will be delighted to share more about how ARC works.

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